Cricket betting odds

 Cricket betting odds

Cricket betting started in the 18th century and now is being enjoyed all over the world in many nations. This cricket betting is one that has been popular in recent times. And has attracted many sports fans to have experience in this. 

The technology has helped us to place our bets in an easy manner with the use of our smartphones. There are various apps and sites that providing great features to bet on the sport we want. Especially cricket being a famous sport and loved by people this has more amount of betting odds. 

Betting odds are basically telling what might happen in an event. And also predicting the amount that can be won. These cricket betting odds are needed to help the player while betting. At the start, it might be complex to understand but as it goes further it will be easy to work with.

How the betting odds works is the first thing that a player should know before placing the bet as it helps understand the potential of winning.

The very basic level of predicting what the outcome will be is what the probability is about when the prediction goes right the win is guaranteed. So betting odds merely predict what can like to happen in the event. 

The betting odds are mostly of two formats one of them is Fractions and the other being decimals. Few countries follow one and other few countries follow the other. 

The betting odds help us calculate the amount that we can win the calculation differs. 

For example, 4/1 replacements of the letter be A/B the calculation goes like

9/1 1/(9+1) = 0.10 where the chance of events happening is 10 % in a similar way with other numbers too. This is the probability of betting.

When it comes to earning it can be demonstrated with the same example:

9/1 every bet of a rupee the win amount will be 9 rupees. This manner is of how to calculate the amount that we can win. 

Like said there is another Format that is the decimals where this also has its way of calculation. 

For instance:

9.0 which is calculated as (9.0 * 10 stake) resulting in 80 winnings. In such a way the decimal calculation has it own as that of fractions

Decimals versus fractions 

Two formats of betting odds are fractions and decimals.

The fact is not that one is better than the other but the trend that has been recently seen is that the trend is on the ways of decimals and the decimal odds are being the trend in recent times. Old times were when fractions were used in the UK particularly in race tracks. 

The main difference when comes to fractions and decimals is that decimals are a lot easier to understand when compared to fractions because of which people get attracted to it and follow the ways of it like a horse race. Historically Cheltenham was more of fractions odds but now has changed to decimals for its understandable feature and is liked by many.

And thus now Decimal odds are largely preferred by the players in online betting.

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