22Bet Sportsbook Review

Betting on sports is certainly not a new thing. This has been in practice for centuries. However, in recent times, things have become more digitalized. People don’t meet up in a stadium or in a tavern to see a match and bet on it. They just use the help of online bookmakers to do it […]Read More

LeoVegas Betting India Review

If you are a betting enthusiast from India, you would already know that the only form of legal betting in the country is via online mode. If you try it in any physical location, you can be in trouble. Besides, betting and weighing your chances in a cool mind from the comfort of your home […]Read More

What is Melbet, and is it safe to use?

In this article, we are going to talk about what is Melbet cricket betting and also is safe to use. Also, we are going to discuss the things which we like and unlike the Melbet application. What is Melbet? Melbet India is an international betting application that allows players from all around the world to make bets. […]Read More

How to Make Money Tennis Betting

Tennis over the years has gained reputation due to players like Roger Federer, Andre Agassi, Andy Murray, and Novak Djokovic. Bettors and viewers every year wait eagerly for Wimbledon or French open. Bet on Underdogs Most bettors are scared to bet on the underdogs. But if you are clever enough and have some knowledge about […]Read More

Expert Betting Tips You Must Follow

A tipster is somebody who regularly delivers information on the probable outcomes of sporting activities on sites on the internet or special gambling places. In the past tips have been bartered for as well as the traded but these days, thanks mostly to the internet as well as premium rate mobile phone lines, they are usually swapped for […]Read More

Only Cricket Fans Understand The Importance Of IPL

Cricket is the sport that is played by millions of sports lovers in this world, so once you make the decision of enjoying or playing the cricket, then you must try to find out the amazing news articles online. Nowadays, many people are getting attracted towards the Indian Premium League also known as IPS, which […]Read More

Umar Gul Waived The Final Bye To All Forms Of

Umar Gul announced that he would not be playing any form of cricket in the coming future while saying a final goodbye to professional this Pakistan team player announced his retirement from all forms of cricket. He had an extensive career where he played 47 tests, 130 ODIs, and around 60 T20s with his team. […]Read More

Best betting sites in India

In India betting is quite famous. The betting tradition in India is very old. Indian betting is quite similar to the general one. There are many companies that facilitate betting. They introduced many sites for bettors. You can just simply register with your essential details. There are many risks and uncertainties involved in this field. […]Read More